Card to Box Tutorial

Card to box Tutorial
Deonna Bemish


Cardstock- Cut to 8 ¼” x 10”
Scoring tool
1. Score at 1 3/8” on both sides of your 8 ¼” side of cardstock. (Picture 1)

2. Take your 8 ¼” x 10” piece of cardstock and on the 10’ side score at 2 ¼”, 3 5/8”, 6 3/8”, 7 ¾”

3.  Cut the four Rectangle corners out of the cardstock.

4.  Mark the center of what is left of your 10” side of cardstock *(2 ¾”) is the center, and with a ruler mark from that center mark to the outer inner corners, using scissors cut away, making a triangle shape on both sides of your cardstock.  

5.  You should now see 2 small squares on each side of your triangle. On the small squares you need to score a line from the outer corner of each the squares to the inner corner at a diagonal. Do this to all 4 of your small squares.  This completes your template, now assemble.

6. Fold the 3 5/8” and 6 3/8” score lines to the center then unfold. 
7.  Fold the 2 ¼” AND 7 ¾” score lines outward.

8.  Glue the small squares to the backsides of the triangles lining the triangle up with your score lines on your squares. Fold the triangle to the inside of the box and close.

9. . You can then decorate as desired and you have completed your Card/Box.

*** I recommend cutting a strip of cardstock and creating a band by wrapping  it around the card closed . Glue the band the size you desire.  Be sure not to glue it too snug against the card because you want to be able to put it off and on.

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