Saturday, June 29, 2019

Homemade Molding Paste Tutorial

Make your own Molding paste for Stenciling
By: Deonna Bemish
Baby Powder
School glue or Modge Podge
White Acrylic Paint
Air tight container to store in
1/4c. Measuring Cup
Measuring spoon in Tablespoon size
Spatula to stir and apply to stencil
Stencil of choice
Photo Basic Supplies
1. Measure 2 Tbsp. of White Glue and 2 Tbsp. of white acrylic Paint together in container.

2.  Pour 1/4c. Baby Powder into your 1/4c. (May need More)

3. Mix together completely by adding small amounts of powder at a time. If too thin, add more powder. Add until consistency is What you like.**** You can also add drops of ink from your refills to give it some color if desired.

4. Store in container with plastic wrap and then the lid snapped tightly.

What can i use this for? This molding paste is awesome to use with Stencils to give your project a little texture. Here's how.
1. Prepare your supplies: Remove the lid and plastic wrap from your molding paste, Choose your stencil, Cardstock or DP and tape the stencil down over your Cardstock.

2. Using your Spatula, spread the paste all over the stencil area. *Make sure that you scrape off all extra paste and smooth all over your stencil with the flat side of your spatula or an old Credit Card. You can reuse this by placing it back into container.

3. Remove Stencil immediately and set aside to dry.

Other examples

Tutorial- Making your own stencils using dies

Creating your own Stencils using dies
Supplies needed 
Folk Art Stencil Plastics by Plaid- I found at Walmart
Sizzix Die- Tim Holtz Alterations- Gadgets/Gears
Big Shot or die cut Machine

1. Measure your die and cut your Plastic Stencil sheet to cover the image that you want to create the stencil with. I was able to just cut mine in half, so that it would cover the image that you want a stencil of, fit through the machine and have enough to make another stencil. I just used my scissors to do this. 
2.  Take your Plastic Stencil sheet, your Die (mine Gadgets/Gears) and your Big shot and layer your Multipurpose Platform opened to Tab 2, Acrylic Plate, die-face up, Stencil Sheet and then second Acrylic plate. Run it through your Big Shot.

3.  After running it through your Big shot, you should have both the positive of the stencil along with the negative.  This is awesome because you can now layer your pieces using different colored paint or even Modeling paste to give more dimension. I love mixed media and this is a great way to use your stencils.

Aluminum tape Distressed borders Tutorial

Creating your own Aluminum Tape Distressed Borders

Spellbinders Border die
Big Shot Machine
Embossing mat
Aluminum Tape- Duck Brand HVAC foil repair tape- I found at Walmart
Black Acrylic Paint
DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Radiant Red

1.  Measure and cut a strip of aluminum tape the size of your die using scissors.

2. Place in your big Shot using the following stack: Multipurpose Platform open to Tab 2,Acrylic Plate, Aluminum Tape with shiny side up, Spellbinders border die face down, and then second Acrylic Plate.  Run through Machine. This is cutting your border.

3.  To Emboss it, Open your Multipurpose Platform to tab 1,  Acrylic Plate 1, Die face up, silicone rubber mat, and then Acrylic plate 2.  Run through the machine and you've finished your embossing. Photo 6,7

4. Distress your tape by painting it with black acrylic paint, let dry.

5. Apply  Radiant Red Metallic lustre using your finger to smear it on the raised Embossed areas. Allow to dry and you have completed your border.

These borders are wonderful for anything that you want to distress and give a little Pizazz!  




Wax paper Emboss Resist Technique

This is a tutorial that I wrote years ago for Through the Craft Room Door and I thought that I could now share it.
Wax Paper Embossing Resist

Deonna Bemish
Glossy White Cardstock-Cut in half to measure 8 1/2" x 4 1/4"
White Sheet of Printer paper
Embossing Folder-Chose a Cuttlebug-Fular by Anna Griffin
Wax Paper- Cut to the size of Embossing folder- Mine is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Distress ink-Adirondack in Sailboat Blue
Sponge Dauber
Iron-preheated on Cotton Setting or Tulip Craft iron
Die Cut Machine
Paper Towel
1. Taking your embossing folder, add your wax paper between the layers and run through your die-cut machine embossing the wax paper and set aside.

2. Take your Glossy White Cardstock in 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" fold in half with the glossy sides facing each other.

3. Place your embossed wax paper inside your glossy white cardstock that you just folded.
4. Lay your piece of white printer paper of piece of paper towel over the top of your stack.
5. With your iron, run over the top of the printer paper melting the wax onto the glossy Cardstock print. You may want to go over it a few times to make sure that your wax has melted onto the Glossy cardstock.

6. Open your folded cardstock and remove the waxed paper. You may discard it now.
7. Get your sponge dauber and your ink pad and in a circular motion place the ink all over the glossy cardstock with the dauber. You should be able to see where the wax resists the ink. Once you have it the color that you want it, you may then take a piece of paper towel to rub off the excess ink.

8. You now have the positive and the negative print of the embossing folder to work with. Create your Card!