Wednesday, October 16, 2019

My album that i made to give away at our family reunion this year.

This book was made about my Great Grandfather, with whom I never met. 
Just let me say that it isn't easy making a book about someone that you do not know. lol
Thank goodness my aunt Patty could help some.

Mini album makers challenge
All of this album has a base of Paper Grocery bags and fabric sewn to it.

I was so happy to be able to make and give this album away. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

The craft bazaar is coming quickly

 I've signed up for 2 Craft Fair/Bazaars for November.  The first is Nov. 9th at the Greencastle Middle School and the second is for Nov. 16th at the Spencer Middles school. I've been busy, busy, busy creating things to sell and am sooooooo excited. These are so much fun!!! It does require a lot of work also. lol. Anyway, I thought that I'd share a sneak peak of some of my projects that will be available. 
Here is the whole shebang!
These are some of the tags that I made before I packaged them pretty.

These are some of my Handmade ornaments before I packaged them completely

This is the cute little roll up pouch for a backpack/Car that I'm calling , "Be prepared kit"

This is one of the bowl cozies that I sewed.

Well if I get more time in the near future, I'll share some other items that I've been making.
Have a great day!!